Ways To Make Money During Your NYSC Year

The compulsory NYSC service year is a period most new graduates get the opportunity to encounter a look at this present reality, while the Nigerian government pays them around 19,800 Naira month to month. A large number of them take the period to get new aptitudes, others center entirely around the occupations they’ve been assigned to complete by the administration, some go the additional mile to record accomplishments in their serving networks, which influence them to emerge from other youth corps individuals toward the finish of the NYSC service year, while a couple of others proceed to assemble wonderful organizations that will in the long run utilize a significant number of the other NYSC youth corps individuals.

With thousands graduating from the colleges yearly to add to the heap of jobless graduates in the nation, how can you benefit as much as possible from the mandatory single-service year? What idea should you focus on? Furthermore, at last, how might you profit amid your NYSC service year?

In case you’re in question and are searching for how to profit amid your NYSC service year, here are 10 organizations you can begin:



1). Help Students Write Their Research Projects:

Most final year university students always have problems writing their research projects. It gets cumbersome for some, especially those who are not entirely academically sound or do not wish to risk failure. To ensure they can get a professional paper written, they tend to outsource them to individuals and businesses who focus on writing research projects.

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As a youth corps member, you could market your professional research project writing service to university students and use a large part of your one year to write and deliver a bulk of them.

With final year projects costs going anywhere from 50,000 Naira to 150,000 Naira per project, successfully writing and delivering between 10 to 50 research projects at a price of 50,000 Naira each, during your NYSC year, can enable you generate anywhere from 500,000 Naira to 2,500,000 Naira in revenues.

If you’re able to build a wide network across universities and get 100s of students to commit their final research project writing to your organisation, you could hire several hands and make anywhere from 3,000,000 Naira to over 10,000,000 Naira during your NYSC service year by just writing research projects for final year students.


2). Organize Professional Trainings:

Most students try to acquire professional certifications during their academic years. Organisations also do spend a lot of money training their staffs periodically, to ensure they’re up-to-date with the latest sales strategies, technologies, and industry standards that will help the organization grow.

As a youth corps member, you could find professionals with wide certifications in each field, put together a training brochure, and organise a marketing team that can go out to market your training services to organisations, students, and more.

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By marketing the quality of your instructors, their track records, and how their impact could help an organisation grow, you could easier land corporate training gigs and split the revenues with the instructors.

An entrepreneur who did this successfully was Jimoh Ibrahim. He organised a lot of trainings during his NYSC service year and eventually made up to 70 million Naira at the end of the period, while a lot of his colleagues were looking for paying jobs of about 10,000 Naira monthly at the time.


3). Start An Agricultural Business:

The Nigerian prospect for entrepreneurs venturing into Agriculture has shown beyond doubt that any entrepreneur who runs and grows a successful farm can generate high revenues from exports and local sales.

Nigeria is a country blessed with rich highly-demanded export valued products like Sesame seeds, Cassava, Snails, Poultry products, Fisheries, and a whole lot more.

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By venturing into small scale agriculture, you can learn the rudiments of the business, make mistakes early on, and eventually reap the benefits the industry has to give for agropreneurs who successful grow products that are market ready.


4). Start A Home Tutoring Service:

With the advent of fast growing tutor platforms like Prepclass and the likes, a graduate can easily register on their platform and get assigned to parents and their children for a home tutoring service. They’re then given a period during the week where they coach the child, and get paid directly by Prepclass.

You could either register on the PrepClass platform to get assigned to coach a child, or you could start a home coaching service, where you could link up other corpers and teachers to various parents for a home tutoring service.


5). Start A Photography Business:

The photography business continues to grow every day. It is spread across so many categories that people go on to focus on single niches like lifestyle photography, wedding photography, fashion photography, and a whole lot more.

A lot of people are photo-frenzy now. They always run to a photo studio for birthday photos, wedding photos, and several others. As a youth corps member, you could start out as a lifestyle photographer, promote your craft well on social networks like Instagram, then gradually start covering weddings, personal photography sessions, and a whole lot more.

With the success of major photographers who started their crafts weigh back in the university like BLawz, Obi Somoto, and a whole lot more, the photography business has continued to show immense promise for new and existing entrants.


6). Start A Fashion Design & Tailoring Business:

The fashion business is one of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria. So many people are venturing into it because of the extraordinary demand by the market, the increased needs to amend and sew custom-made clothing from scratch, the widespread growth of fashion shows and events, the attractive profit margins generated by some fashion designers, and the prospective long-term growth of the business.

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This business is perfect for any prospective small business owner, especially youth corps members. By training in a fashion school for about 3 months and getting a small store with a sewing machine, any youth corper can make the most of their NYSC service year by starting and growing a fashion or tailoring business.


7). Sell On Online Marketplaces:

Finally, you can buy and sell items on online marketplaces like Jumia, Konga, Payporte, and a whole lot more. By doing this, you don’t get to pay for web hosting, online advertisement, website design, and several other maintenance costs that can eat deep into your business. Instead, you get to focus on buying and reselling the products that people want, at the cost of nothing.

To figure out what products are selling, you can go to Konga and look at the average number of sales an item has. This way, you can have an idea of what people want to buy, and then try to sell those type of items.

If you don’t have money to buy products, you can first confirm what items people buy the most, then take pictures of items owned by a business you can strike a deal with, upload them online, and broker the sales for a commission, pending when you can afford to buy your own products.

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