How To Make Huge Profit From Printing and Photocopy Business

Printing and photocopy business is a very lucrative business one can engage within schools environment, that is why streets in the campus is filled with so much shop where people can print and make copies of their hand out or notes. Think about it, in some institution they are so predominant that it may seems as if there is no other business people can do than to print and photocopy but what surprises me most about this people is that they are always busy (all of them) do one printing or photocopy whenever I see them.

To cover it up their daily revenue is more than just taking something little home as this people can still employ and pay people to from this daily income. If people can derive their family bread and water from printing and photocopy business, you too can make big earnings. Let get started as we explore the possibility of setting up your own printing and photocopy business with little or no personal money.


To start a printing and photocopy business, you will need to acquire some gadget to get going and let me tell you these, you may not necessarily have to get everything at the startup depending on your planned start up amount, I mean you can first start with essential paraphernalia and buy other needed material as business boast so I have choose to divided this part into essential start up requirement and others.
Essential startup requirement include:

  • A Computer (a desktop or a laptop)
  • A photocopier (or a two-in-one copier and printer)
  • A printer
  • A stapler
  • A good antimalware software (e.g. Smardav usb antivirus, Avast, AVG)
  • An A4 paper pack

A COMPUTER? Yes, since you will need to open and edit (if needed) people’s file the computer before you can get it printed on a paper. You will a computer with desktop publishing programs installed and running on it, major form of these program include the Corel Draw, Microsoft Office (which will have MS word, PowerPoint, Access and Excel installed) and other programs like Photoshop.
Get a computer is now easy as you can get a desktop computer (new) at very cheap prices between #12,000 and #20,000 and and cheap but quality laptops too. Moreover you may not need to start with getting new gadgets as you care buy goodly used computer at a very cheaper amount.
A PHOTOCOPIER: you will require it to make carbon copy of peoples documents, photocopier is that machine you use to make a duplication of people’s document on another plain sheet. Getting a photocopier is now easy and an advantage is that you can buy a combined printer and photocopier (two-in-one) good quality and a very good price.

Image result for photocopier machine
A PRINTER: I can’t recommend one now but you can go out to price one yourself. I want to the HP1200 series printing but better printer exist which you may like.
Note: to minimize your startup cost as I want to help you to, you can get used printer and photocopier which can outperform the new ones and pay half amount you will pay to acquire new one but mind where you buy you gadget.
A STAPLER: a stapler is an essential item in starting up a printing and photocopy business although you will not be paid for stapler service but to prevent yourself from embarrassment when customer ask for it you need to get one. Various stapler exist, your choice determine what you have but make sure you buy enough pin along with your stapler.
A GOOD ANTIMALWARE PROGRAM: you must get good antivirus running on your computer as most of your customers will have their on their flash drive and or memory card, some will come with external disk and even their phone. All this storage media are good source of getting you system invected and can lead to abnormalcy of you computer and destruction of your computer IC which and other destructive effects.
You need to install USB antivirus in addition to the normal AVG or Avast, Northon antivirus e.t.c. as these usb antivirus are very fast to detect and immediately delete (depending on your settings preferences) any malware copied along with the files in this removable disk.
A4 PAPER PACK: paper is your most important raw material, as you need it to make your printing and photocopy on it.


  • A Flash Drive
  • Spiral binder
  • A shop
  • Additional computer(s), Printer, (photocopier)


Differentiate Your Business

Unless you’re the only copy shop in town, you need to make your business look different from the rest. You may choose to offer the best pricing in town, suggesting that you can beat any competitor’s price for printing and copying. Providing extraordinary customer service both at the counter and on the phone can also help differentiate your shop from the competition.

Use Drip Campaigns

After you obtain the contact information of qualified prospects, you must market to them until they buy. Calculating how often your prospects need print or copy services gives you an idea of how often you should get in front of them so they choose your company when they’re ready to buy. Using a process known as drip marketing, send out print or e-newsletters every month or two or mail postcards and flyers announcing special discounts, new copying and printing services or other news. Drip marketing efforts can also include calling prospects regularly to determine if they need services. Calls also give you a personal way to introduce prospects to the various services you offer.

Seek Referrals

Ask for referrals from happy customers and reward them for sending qualified prospects your way. Better yet, when the prospect buys a certain amount of copying or printing services, provide another reward to the referrer to thank him for the business. You may want to send the referrer a gift certificate or offer a deep discount on his next copy or print project. Consider setting up a referral network with businesses that appeal to the same customers as your print shop does. For starters, target graphic designers, marketing firms and ad agencies since they often need printing services.

Promote One-Stop Shopping

Shops that provide more than just printing and copying services attract more customers. Offer design services to assist clients with their print layouts before the piece goes to print.

Related image Consider adding binding, packaging and shipping services that help your client get his project done seamlessly and without the hassle of running to different shops. When clients come in, suggest additional services, such as stapling and binding, to make the customer aware that you offer more than just basic printing and copying services.

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