Business Idea

  • Investing on Building Material

    Trading on Building material in Nigeria is a sure guaranteed business that makes plenty of money any time of the year. This business is not affected by any season or time, it is an all round business venture. Building material sells extremely fast in Nigeria and people are making good …Read More


  • Ways To Make Money Online From Home

    Making money online from home is increasingly more common today. Back in the days, anyone who made any form of income from the internet without leaving their homes daily to a workplace was tagged an internet fraudster. But today, a whole lot has changed as successful internet entrepreneurs continue to …Read More


  • Profit On Social Media

    Today, we well know that the two social networking giants are no longer used exclusively for connecting with friends and family, but are now being used as a very viable advertising platform by individuals and businesses alike. Do you know you could be in for some real money just by …Read More


  • How to Start an Office Supply Store

    An office supply store is essentially recession proof because “offices need a regular supply of their various needs day-to-day, such as paper, ink, paper clips and many other things. Schools are also big users of office supplies. Entrepreneurs can find a lucrative and sustainable business that provides necessary products to …Read More


  • How To Start A Successful Bread Bakery Business

    Bread is a common food item in many Nigerian households and up to 70 percent of breakfast diets on the continent contain bread. It has remained a widely-accepted food item because of its convenient and ready-to-eat nature. The size of the African bread market is worth billions of dollars every year and …Read More



  • How To Start Tomato Farming Business

    Tomato farming has long been overlooked by many Nigerians who choose to venture into agriculture for the first time. This somewhat ignored vegetable crop has remained a constant ingredient for the preparation of multiple meals in the country. This generally implies that the average Nigerian can’t consciously go a day without …Read More


  • Reasons To Invest In Agriculture

      With the world’s market value of crude oil diminishing, various countries are driving their focus to other largely ignored revenue streams. Nigeria as a nation was greatly hit with this unfortunate turn of events in the energy industry, and as such, has reacted with a new line of action: Agriculture. …Read More


  • How To Market Your Farm Products

    With thousands of individuals making investments in agriculture, a lot of people wonder how they’d sell their farm products. Generating high revenues and eventual profits is never an easy feat for any business, but knowing exactly what you’re doing and what you plan to do next will determine how successful you’d …Read More


  • Starting A Poultry Farm Business In Nigeria

    Over 160 million Nigerians make use of poultry products, ranging from chickens, turkeys, eggs, and a lot more, either for direct consumption or making use of it to produce other products. This shows the high level of opportunities surrounding poultry farming are exponential in highly profitable ways. While a lot of people supply …Read More


  • Coconut Oil Production Guide

    The coconut oil production business is largely promoted as one of the most profitable small-scale production businesses any entrepreneur can venture into in Nigeria, since the producer doesn’t undergo the common risks and the high cost of production associated with other types of businesses. Coconut oil is majorly produced in …Read More


Small and Medium Scale Businesses

  • Profit On Social Media

    Today, we well know that the two social networking giants are no longer used exclusively for connecting with friends and family, but are now being used as a very viable advertising platform by individuals and businesses alike. Do you know you could be in for some real money just by …Read More


  • The Profitability of Car Wash Business in Nigeria

    Car washing business is a very profitable business in Nigeria, considering the dusty and muddy nature of our environment. Cars get dirty even if they are just parked. Since people need to clean their cars regularly you are always sure of a steady market. With a good location and excellent …Read More


  • How to stay ahead of competition in your business

    You’ve come up (after weeks, months or even long stretches of research) with a business thought you think ought to be gainful. You’ve attempted to raise the start up capital for the business, putting each other thing that issues on hold for the business to commence. After cautious plannings, your …Read More


  • Computer Game Center Business

    A game center is a place where activities of indoor (and maybe outdoor) games take place. a place where game (video, board) fans meet to play games against each other. Video centers are quite common in Nigeria, some of the game centers has outdoor games (swimming pools, tennis court, Golf, …Read More


  • Starting Hotel Business with Low Capital

    Register Your Hotel Name – Good name they say is better than silver and gold, Choose a very attractive name for your hotel, some names attracts while some are not – choose the one you think would make someone want to know “what goes on in there?” Words like: Exquisite, …Read More


Food and Beverages

  • Starting a Mobile Coffee Cart Business

    Learning how to start a business that is coffee-related would perhaps be the best financial move you will make in a long time. Think of this way: if you can make coffee that is twice as delicious yet less expensive compared to the famous branded ones out there, you will …Read More


  • Food Delivery Business

    Food Delivery business is a service-rendering venture. It involves delivery of foods and the likes to a client either by an eatery, a nourishment joint or autonomous food delivery outlets. Such requests are made either through the client phone, the site of the sustenance wander or a specially crafted application. …Read More


  • How to Start Catering Business

    Catering doesn’t always mean providing a lunch for 200 business people at a corporate event, or appetizers or a buffet for 100 guests at an anniversary celebration. Start small with dinners for 12, parties for 50, or a dessert and a coffee bar for after-theater entertaining. When your business has …Read More


  • Setting up a Profitable Rice Sales and Distribution Business

    Rice is the most consumed staple food in the whole world. This shows that any rice related business anybody invests in; whether rice farming, rice hulling service, or wholesale distribution of rice will definite have a ready market for the product or services. I will focus on rice distribution business …Read More


  • Start Fruit Juice Production Company In Nigeria

    Fruit juice production business in Nigeria is liken to Sachet pure water production business, you can’t go wrong with it. The reason being that Nigeria is one of the highest consumers of fruit juice in the world coupled with being the biggest market in the African continent. A very good …Read More